An Introduction to Adult Only Cruises

Adult only cruises are catered to couples of all ages and singles over the age of 21. For singles, it is a way to meet a kindred spirit and find something fun to do while out at sea. On the other hand, couples of all ages can go on these types of cruises in an effort to strengthen their relationship and have fun without worrying about entertaining their kids. Read on to find out more about adult cruises and see if this is the thing you need to spice up your life or relationship with your partner.


What are Adult Only Cruises?

There are individuals and couples that want to take a few days off to relax and be away from the hustle and bustle of office work or home life. Adult cruises are designed for such people and couples. Passengers can bask under the sun and enjoy the view of the vast body of water or enjoy one of several comfortable amenities and entertainment options offered by the ship. Adult only cruises are named as such because the amenities are designed for older and more mature passengers. There are no video game centers here or kiddie-type swimming pools. If you have kids, leave them at home or with a relative as they will surely not enjoy being here.

Entertainment Options Onboard

What makes these types of cruises different from the rest is the type of entertainment and amenities being offered. These are designed for adult singles, couples and groups to enjoy. One of amenities onboard adult only cruises includes suites with built-in whirlpools to allow couples to take warm baths together. For couples that do not mind being in public, there are also open-air swimming pools and public whirlpools with breathtaking views of the sea or ocean. Of course, a cruise is not complete without romantic dining options. Depending on the cruise liner, restaurants may offer candlelight dinners or evening cocktails. There are also grill-type restaurants for passengers looking for more casual dining options.

Additional entertainment options include areas where you can go ballroom or disco dancing, sing karaoke tunes or jam with the live band. Larger ships may also offer spa areas where you can opt for a facial or massage. There are also adult only cruises that include docking on a nearby tropical island. Individuals and couples will not only enjoy the ships amenities but a few days running along the coastline.

In most cases, cruises designed for adults only are more restrictive in terms of the age of the passengers that they allow on board. This is because some of the entertainment options are more mature or naughtier in nature. There are ships which have casinos and gambling areas. Depending on the type of cruise, you may also find other passengers walking around in the nude. If you are uncomfortable with such displays, you may need to screen your cruises more carefully.

Who Goes on Cruises for Adults Only?

Adult only cruises are designed for different types of adults. There are singles and groups of friends hoping to look for a date or their perfect mate onboard these types of trips. Newly-wed couples can go on a cruise as part of their honeymoon. In some cases, the ship may also accommodate couples to get married or renew their vows onboard the liner. Retirees may opt to try it out for the thrill or to experience going to a tropical island. For most, it is a way to get away from their busy office schedules or home life. Going for adult only cruises is a means to establishing or strengthening bonds with your partner.

Cruise Fleets and Ships

There are many types of ships that offer cruises for adults only. One of the cruise fleets worth considering includes the Princess Cruises. The liner has several ships which offer cruises specific for adults. These include the Ruby Princess, the Emerald Princess and the Crown Princess. Although the vessels are large and spacious, they offer a kind of coziness found in smaller ships. Couples can choose between different types of suites, including grand suites, mini-suites and cabins to suit their budgets. On the Princess’ adult only cruises, there are massage areas, several restaurants and an outdoor movie theatre. When it comes to dining, passengers can choose to have their meals in restaurants that offer lobster and champagne or for a more casual dining experience, there is an open grill that offers steak and seafood.

The P&O Cruises are known for their fleets aimed for families. However, they also offer two ships for adults only: the Artemis and Arcadia. When it comes to adult only cruises with more modern facilities and amenities, the Arcadia is a more suitable candidate for your next trip. You can between suites, mini-suites and staterooms with over 2/3 of the total number of accommodations having its own balcony. Dine in at the Arcadian Rhodes which offers authentic British cuisine. For a cocktail evening, try the Orchid Bar instead. Other than offering cruises aimed towards adults, the Arcadia is also a well-known venue for weddings.

If you are currently living in the UK, you may want to consider the Cruise and Maritime Voyages Liner. Otherwise known as the CMV, the liner offers the 800-passenger child-free Marco Polo. Passengers looking for adult only cruises can choose from a wide variety of entertainment options available onboard the ship. The ship itself has five main lounges and several restaurants. For a romantic dinner for two, try the Waldorf Restaurant. Experience the Captain’s Club for an evening with cocktails while listening to the resident pianist strike a few tunes. Other than the whirlpools and an outdoor swimming pool, there is also a library, an internet café, a shopping mall and areas where you can get a massage or sauna.